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Why All The NBA Salary Hate?

I got to get this off my chest. Why are there so many people hating on the massive amounts of money being dumped on NBA players in this 2016 offseason, especially those who aren’t top tier all-stars or all-NBA performers?

I’m also extra curious as to why majority of the hate and shade is coming from NFL players and media members.  

Let me address the latter first because my venom towards them is very little.   

The NFL media (Ed Werder of ESPN and Jeff Diamond from The Sporting News, specifically) have taken to twitter and their columns to basically insult the NBA owners and players who received the payday. They, and others, act as though the nearly 3 billion dollars worth of contracts that were signed in this free agency period is coming from their own pockets or are going to cause pay-cuts or freezes in their profession. Here’s the deal media folks, on average, most of you are doing twice better than the average American. You go to sporting events and practices as your job. It’s a paid expense, which means you get in for free; you don’t pay the outrageous ticket, concession and parking prices. All those things are provided for you due to you having a credential. You even get a better choice of food to eat at the arena and stadiums, so not only do you pay the ridiculous price for popcorn and a hot dog, you get damn near a five star spread in the media rooms in the bowels of the venue.   

You get to stand in front of cameras to recap the game or have your opinion of the game plastered on newspapers and online to entertain millions of fans. You are very well compensated for your work. Not to the extent of the players you cover, but still keeping you out of poverty and avoiding the financial strains the overwhelming number of Americans in the everyday struggle encounter. We all can look at CNN salary calculators and see what someone in your position earns, or gets. I’m speaking first hand as I’ve worked in the media for nearly 13 years. You are fine.   

For the NFL players who joke they picked the wrong sport, or are flabbergasted that a guy who is your comp in terms of years of service, plus their productivity in the NBA is making four or five times as much as you, here’s a reality check; you picked the right sport, because there isn’t much use for a 5’8” to 5’10” wanna be shooting guard in the Association. I’m looking at you Emmanuel Sanders. And for many of those who play tight end, you already came up short at being the next Charles Barkley as a 6’4″ 250 power forward, that’s why you’re listed at tight end yet is flanked out as a wide receiver. Do the names Jimmy Graham, Julius Thomas, Antonio Gates, and Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez ring a bell? 

I didn’t hear this much gripping about low level baseball players getting one year, 10 to15 million dollar deals for batting .156 with less than double digit homeruns, or David Price getting the richest deal for a pitcher the offseason after he had a terrible season by his standards. 

Also it’s simple math. There are 15 players on an NBA roster versus 53 players, plus practice players on a NFL roster. It doesn’t add up to big individual paydays, unless you want to be on a team by yourself. 

Another thing to remember, while the NFL is the most popular league in the U.S., one can make the argument that the NBA is more popular globally. The game of basketball is widely successful in Asia and Europe (thanks to the 1992 Dream Team), which also contributes to the influx of dollars coming into the NBA. That’s something Commissioner Roger Goodell and his minions at the NFL offices have figured out, which is why they’re force feeding us two regular season games in London every year. 

You do realize getting upset about second and third-tier NBA players getting raises is like being mad that the Government agreed to increase minimum wage by say 2-3 dollars? Think about that for a second. Just to gain some perspective, that be like me getting mad that the person taking my order, cooking and serving me my food for getting a raise. I want them to get paid!

Lastly NFL players, if you were smarter, maybe hold out longer during your lockout negotiations. You and the NBA went through it in the same year, 2011. They were willing to miss some of the season to get what they want. You were in a rush to get back on the field, and were more focused on taking disciplinary power away from Commissioner Roger Goodell. Maybe next time instead of focusing on him and the 10 to 12 knuckleheads his power will really affect, you’ll fight more for guaranteed contracts. 

One more thing, I’m not a big fan of the media announcing how much money an athlete or an entertainers is earning. I feel it only leads to contempt and jealousy, making these multimillionaires targets. Nobody announces around the office how much a newly hired Professor, News Producer, Public Relations Specialist or Police Officer will be earning. But, this is probably an issue for a whole different post.