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The Feast Takes Time to Prepare


This kind of meal takes hours of preparation, commitment and patience, just like God’s blessings.

“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.You anoint my head with oil;my cup overflows.” ~ Psalms 23:5

Many people are familiar with the 23rd Psalms and recite it when they go through trials and tribulations to give then hope and encouragement to continue on their journey. While as a whole this passage is deep and comforting, today my attention was brought into closer focus to verse five and how it can be used to help us with waiting for God’s timing.

It says in verse five “you prepare a table before me.” I’m assuming that at this table is an epic well nourishing meal, like a feast.

A good feast, whether it be for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter or a special occasion takes time. My Mother and Grannie usually start preparing these types of dinners two to three days before it’s to be eaten. This is the kind of feast we should want God to fix up for us after our trials. One that takes time. So if you’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for Him to bring you through something, use the example of a great meal to help you persevere and be patient during the storm. If you want a quick blessing/feast, go to the drive thru, but I can guarantee that’s not the type of feast you want after everything you’ve been through.

Now the other part of this verse that stands out to me pertains to your enemies. We all have them, some of you call them haters; they may not always be evil and vicious, but yet still oppose you. They may be people who didn’t fully believe in your dream and tried to “politely” push you into trying something else or they could be someone who did do something hurtful to you on purpose. However you want to classify them, just like the feast that is being prepared, it will take some time to get them all gathered around the table to see how God is restoring, vindicating, promoting and celebrating you.

Many of your opposers/haters/detractors/enemies aren’t going to come wiling if they think you’re going to be the center of attention, so you have to wait and trust God to do what He needs to do to get them there. Some may only come expecting that they’ll get another opportunity to see you down. So be prepared for the gathering of your “foes” to take time.

I currently believe I’m in this process right now. The Lord is preparing the feast, setting the table and gathering my guests (enemies, haters, detractors).

I have a couple of favorite restaurants. Maggiano’s which is Italian food and Mama Nem’s—which is now closed—a soul food restaurant that put it down like my Big Mamma, Grannie and Mother does it. Like I mentioned early, all these meals take lots of time to prepare. I do not want McDonald’s, Burger King or some other fast food assembly line. I want fried chicken, ham, dressing, baked macaroni and cheese, corn bread followed by red velvet cake or sweet potato pie to cap off the meal. Oh, and I want all my enemies there, not to rub it in their face, but so they can see what God has done for me, because they said it would never happen and they NEED to see what He can do.

So I ask you, what kind of feast do you want? The quick satisfy me now like a fast food restaurant? Or do you want the kind that takes tireless hours of preparation like the holiday meal or that from a five star restaurant? I choose the latter and it’s going to be well worth it.

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