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UCF Football was Failed By Many, Including their Own Conference 

UCF’s 2017 National Championship ring. Photo Credit: Twitter.com/@UCF_Football

The UCF Knights hosted their first spring under new head coach Josh Heupel. A few minutes before the game, the team showed highlights from the 2017 season on the jumbotron at Spectrum Stadium in east Orlando. They also hung a banner celebrating their 13-0 undefeated season. The players and coaches also received gaudy, diamond covered championship rings to not only commemorate the perfect season, but American Athletic Conference title, Peach Bowl Championship and self proclaimed National title.
While Knights’ fans and alums love it. The pettiness of the Knight’s athletic department is rubbing people outside of central Florida the wrong way. 

The Knight’s argument is that they beat the Auburn Tigers, the only team to beat the College Football Playoff National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide. Maybe they could have gotten away with claiming the Championship in the 1990’s when two different team’s finished number one in the Associated Press poll and Coaches polls following the bowl season. Just go look up the 1997 season that ended with the Florida Gators and Michigan Wolverines claiming the national crown. That season is what eventually led to the Bowl Championship Series (BCS). However, the College Football Playoff is the new system in place to decide who is the number one team in the land, and UCF wasn’t invited.

I agree UCF was screwed out of a shot to play for the title and prove how good they were on the field. The finger should be solely pointed at the thirteen people on the College football playoff committee for them not getting that chance. They are the ones who are supposed to know the game of football, watch all of the games throughout the season and judge what teams are playing the best, and deserving of one of those coveted final four spots. 

Former UCF Head Coach, now at Nebraska, said during the 2017 season he wouldn’t campaign for a high ranking in the weekly College Football Playoff rankings because he wanted to focus on each game in front of the Knights. He was right, and it wouldn’t have looked good for Knight’s Athletic Director Danny White to beat the school’s chest either.

But the finger should be pointed at the head coaches of the thirteen teams the Knights defeated, as well as the Athletic Directors at the schools of the American Athletic Conference and Michael Aresco, the Commissioner of the AAC. 

Each Tuesday night the CFP committee disrespected the Knights in those rankings, the aforementioned people should have been pounding the table about how good UCF really is, and why the committee should have shown coach Frost and his team more respect. It would’ve been in their benefit to stomp for UCF, because of the money the conference would’ve received with a Knight’s CFP invitation. But also, the legitimacy it would have brought to the entire conference out of the obscurity of being a mid-major or “Group of Five.” Even though those schools lost to UCF in 2017, it would have been a victory for the AAC.

2017 should be a lesson for future seasons when a mid-major program has a run like the Knights to give them a realistic shot they earned on the field at a National title. But, this also may be a call to action on the need to expand the playoffs to six games­­, which many are in favor of. Five slots for the Power Five conferences (ACC, B1G, PAC-12, SEC, BIG 12) and one at-large spot for a team from a “Group of Five” like UCF. I don’t think anyone would have a problem with this, and the committee would still get the weekly controversy over the selections they obviously want. Most importantly, you wouldn’t have the embarrassment of leaving out the only undefeated team in the sport and them crowning themselves as champions. 

Photo Credit: Twitter.com/@UCF_Football


Photo Credit: Twitter.com/@UCF_Football


Braxton Miller’s Case to Start at QB For OSU


Miller has one more season of eligibility at OSU. Photo courtesy: ESPN.

Hello, my name is Braxton Miller, quarterback for THE Ohio State Buckeyes. As you know I missed the entire 2014 National Championship season recovering from shoulder surgery. But you may have forgotten about me, so allow me to reintroduce myself. I’ve won 26 games at quarterback for the Buckeyes. That’s 11 wins away from passing Art Schlicther for first place in school history. I’ve led the Silver Bullets to two victories over “that team up North.” In my three-year career I’ve passed for 5,292 yards and 52 touchdowns, while rushing for 3,054 yards and another 32 touchdowns. I won Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year the last two seasons I’ve played (2012,2013). As a Sophomore in 2012, I finished 5th in the Heisman voting. Before the 2013 season began I held nine records in The Ohio State Football History book. These are the reasons why I can lead the Scarlet and Gray to glory one more season. I appreciate the love and support I’ve received from Buckeye Nation over the course of my career and while rehabbing my injury. That’s why I want one more year to bring you my best and end my career on a high note.

O-H! Braxton Miller

This weekend in Ohio Stadium on the field where he made many a highlights, Braxton Miller and his teammates celebrated their 2014 National Championship with close to 45 thousand Buckeye fans. During the rally he told them “we’ve got another year”, suggesting he’ll be back to compete for the starting QB job against J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones.


Miller told fans on January 24th, “We’ve got another year.” Photo courtesy: yahoo sports.

I love that Miller is staying with the Buckeyes to compete to win HIS job back. It shows leadership and a competitive spirit that has helped him to accomplish what he has on and off the field at Ohio State. If you’re an NFL scout, GM or Coach you have to be impressed that instead of taking the easy route and transferring to another ready-made situation, he has decided to finish what he started in Columbus. What Miller is also showing is a level of loyalty and exceptional character that isn’t seen in highly competitive sports on any level these days. Miller was at the helm of two teams that finished the regular season undefeated, and was a favorite to win the 2014 Heisman and projected Buckeye starter before the shoulder injury ended his season before it began. So in his mind, maybe he believes if he gets the chance he can lead this great group of talent to a another National Title in 2015. Even if he doesn’t, don’t we have to respect and admire the attempt?

(FYI, the letter from Braxton Miller at the beginning of this post was fictional. )