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My Way Too Early Speculation of Where Le’Veon Bell Will Land in 2019

Le’Veon Bell’s time in Pittsburgh is clearly coming to an end. But, where will the All-Pro, all-purpose back land in 2019?

It’s clear the Pittsburgh Steelers and All-Pro running back Le’Veon Bell are headed for a divorce. At this point the relationship appears unsalvageable after his teammates, specifically the offensive line, recklessly spoke about his contract situation and reluctance to show up for their week one matchup against the Cleveland Browns. He’s even been removed from the depth chart for week two’s matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Bell hasn’t signed his $14.5 million franchise tender, and will be docked $850 thousand for each game his misses. He wants a contract that will reset the market for top-flight running backs. Similar to what the LA Rams signed Todd Gurley to; 4 years, $60 million with $45 guaranteed. The 3-time All-Pro is two years older and unlikely to get that money from the Steelers, especially with the way his replacement, 2nd-year pro James Conner has performed so far in his absence in week one against the Cleveland Browns and training camp.

Bell’s not likely to get a long-term deal because of his age, but he’s a perfect match for teams that are in win now mode. Honestly, that’s the type of team he should be looking for, especially if he’s going to leave a franchise in Pittsburgh that’s always in the championship race.

So assuming it’s really over for Bell in the 412. Where could he land? Who needs him? Who could/is willing to pay him what he desires? Here is my way too early speculation of where he might land in 2019.

New York Jets. The Jets were in the hunt for quarterback Kirk Cousins and willing to pay him top dollar (I know QB money and RB money is different) before he chose the Minnesota Vikings and they drafted Sam Darnold with the third overall pick in the 2018 draft. They also were interested in acquiring Khalil Mack from the Oakland Raiders before he was eventually shipped off to the Chicago Bears. My point for bringing up those two players is to show that the Jets organization has the money and appears willing and desires to make a splash. Now that they appear to have a franchise QB in Darnold on a rookie contract, and their defense looks to be more than formidable, they’re only missing a top flight back. The three best friends for a young quarterback are an elite tackle to protect his blindside, a stout defense and a strong running game. Bell would help the team check the final box. Also, it’s New York. Bell likes the spotlight, and an offer anywhere near Gurley’s, even if it doesn’t top it, would likely pique his interest and make the Jets a strong contender in the AFC.

Indianapolis Colts. They’ve been trying to pair Andrew Luck with a running back since the day he was drafted to replace Peyton Manning. They’ve tried just about everything. Last season it was then 35-year old Frank Gore. In previous seasons they went as far as trading for Trent Richardson when he flamed out with the Cleveland Browns after being drafted two slots behind Luck in the 2012 draft. Nothing has worked. The Colts finally have invested in their offensive line to protect their wounded franchise QB. The other way to further that protection, get him an elite running back. Bell is worth the money if the Colts really think Luck is the championship caliber QB to lead them.

Green Bay Packers. The Pack desperately needs to get a running game to compliment Aaron Rodgers. Even though he is superhuman, at some point you put him at too much risk, being predictable by allowing him to drop back and sling it all over the field. They need balance. Green Bay was also interested in acquiring Khalil Mack before he was traded to the Bears. So they too are in win at all cost mode, NOW. Bell would give them a dimension they’ve NEVER had in A-A-Ron’s time under center in cheese country. A balanced attack would make the best QB in the game even scarier.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Who knows what Jameis Winston’s future is in west Florida, but if they keep him beyond his rookie contract that ends in 2019, and he improves on and off the field, their offense has everything but an elite running back. The combination of DeSean Jackson, Mike Evans at wide receiver positions and OJ Howard at tight end is lethal. With Bell they’d have better weapons than what he’s currently apart of in the Burgh. Tampa Bay’s defense led by Gerald McCoy, Lavonte David and Brent Grimes is stout. Bell would make the Bucs the favorites in the best division in the NFL, the NFC South. A division that has been represented in the Super Bowl 2 of the last three seasons.

Seattle Seahawks. When Russell Wilson was at his best, he had “Beast Mode” Marshawn Lynch behind him. Even though he’s improved each season, their offense has been very predictable and Wilson playing sandlot ball. Now, they just spent their 2018 first round pick (27th overall) on Rashad Penny out of San Diego State who led FCS in rushing with 2,027 yards in 2017. So this is less likely than the other teams I have mentioned. However, Bell is a different animal, and if you can get him, YOU. GET. HIM.

What to Watch in Week Three

In my look ahead pieces, I will choose the games getting the most buzz or I foresee playing a huge factor near the end of the season – I.E. the games we will look back at and say “ah hah” – when playoff positioning starts.

First, It’s homecoming week in the NFL. Kansas City Chief Head Coach Andy Reid returns to the “City of Brotherly Love” where he coached for 15 seasons with the Eagles. Reid’s Chiefs are 2-0 and his new quarterback, Alex Smith looks very comfortable in his new surroundings after several up and down years in San Francisco.

Coach Reid won 130 games with the Eagles from 1999-2012. He is known for his west coast offense, but it is the Chiefs Defense that has taken control in the victories. It is a top 3 Defense that allows only 248 yards and 9 points per game, good for second best. Granted one of their opponents was the woeful Jacksonville jaguars, but the other, the offensive minded Dallas Cowboys.

The Philadelphia Eagles have proven they can score in bunches, and will need to in order to get back on track after losing at home last week to the San Diego Chargers. If the Eagles defense can hold the Chiefs offense under or around their 22.5 points per game average, while posting their 31.5 average, they’ll spoil Reid’s Homecoming and Donovan McNabb’s Jersey retirement.

Another homecoming game, Ed Reed hopes to make his 2013 season debut Sunday back in Baltimore. Reed spent 11 seasons in “Charm City” and was an iconic leader of the vaunted Ravens D. Reed is one of the 9 defensive starters the Ravens lost from their Super Bowl Championship team and he’ll get a first hand look at the disaster his skipping town left. The Ravens D gives up 384.5 yards and 20.5 points per game. The Texans offense should have a field day, if Andre Johnson plays after having concussion symptoms from a hit he took against Tennessee. With him, Houston racks up 477 yards per game, while scoring at a clip of 30.5 points per game.

The Texans D will have a leg up, as Reed knows what Joe Flacco and that Ravens offense likes to do. Plus they’re already dominate. They only allow 255.5 yards and 26 points per game and that’s without the savvy Reed. The Ravens have struggled out the gate and this game could very well show more of their flaws.

Here are some quick hitters….


It’s not a homecoming game, but it’s close. Andrew luck will return to Northern California not far from where he stared at Stanford university for 4 years. It will also be a reunion of sorts. He’ll face off against his college coach, Jim Harbaugh for the first time. The Colts made a big splash Wednesday with their acquisition of Luck’s draft mate, 3rd pick from 2012, Trent Richardson. Nobody knows how much he’ll play, but as the season rolls on, Richardson will give the Colts that one-two punch in the backfield they used to have with Peyton Manning and Edgerrin Janes.

The Niners are trying to bounce back from a terrible, embarrassing loss to division rival Seattle. Seattle plays Jacksonville, so you can book that as a win. San Francisco can’t lose to the Colts and fall two games back of the Seahawks.


Both teams got their first win of the 2013 season last week, and both are in tough divisions where one loss could be the difference from being in or out the playoffs at seasons end. The Bengals played Monday night, which usually spells doom for teams in the following week; luckily for them they don’t have to go on the road. So the one less day of preparation shouldn’t hurt to bad.


If making the playoffs is hard at 0-2, it’s damn near impossible at 0-3. That’s the mountain RGIII and Washington will have to climb if they lose this game. Griffin’s offseason knee rehab mantra was “All In For Week One”, he and the rest of the Skins better be “All In For Week Three” it could be very well be “All Over For 2013” and there will be fallout in D.C. Especially if RGIII struggles more. There will be calls for his backup, Kirk Cousins.