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Here are some select poems you’ll find in my first book “Tears From My Soul” & my second book under construction (untitled).

How Long Will You Ignore me?

Why won’t you pay attention to me?

What do I have to do to get you to stop this pain?

Why won’t you stop the drought and send some rain?

I surrendered to your way,

Yet I deal with the same day after day.

I’ve done what you said, and remained still…

But it’s getting harder and harder to rest if this is your will.

I continue to be faithful to those who do and don’t deserve it;

Even though I continue to hurt. I guess that’s how you want it.

The Word says you’ll fight for me, yet justice continues to escape me.

Watching my foes receive my dreams has left me to believe you don’t care about me.

I was constantly taken advantage of, personally and professionally, while turning the other cheek.

Yet, I received no strength, and now my enemies think I’m week.

You used my unconditional love to be abused and mistreated…

I still don’t see any signs of justice and being vindicated.

Why no peace?

What’s my purpose?

When do I get my restoration? What about my redemption?

I’ll take the constant silence to mean I won’t get an explanation.

The path You’ve put me on has led me to believe I’ll never have a new start.

This plan has left me with a cold heart and broken heart.

The One I’m supposed to look up to has made me want to give up.


Black is what I am,

But it’s not who I am!

I AM the son of two overachievers

Who avoided all obstacles to become a success.

I AM hardworking, loyal, persistent.

I AM a dreamer, perfectionist.



Don’t look at my skin to undermine me.

And don’t use stereotypes to define me.

Don’t use my pigment to make me less,

Or use is to connect me to mess.

I AM what I give,

I AM what I do,



“Lost Christian”

Lost Christian,
Looking for his (your) attention. 
Seeking direction,
Looking for answers to questions I should have learned last lesson.
I apologize, I’m still sinning.
Hopefully I’ll start new, fresh like the beginning.
I’ve done wrong,
And I know you’ve probably heard this song.
But I’m trying to step new,
In directions led by you.
Please forgive me Lord,
So I can reach your heavenly door.
So I can kneel at the throne,
And make my place in your home.