Don’t Just Get Money, Make Money!

“Don’t just get money, make money!” Yes, there is a difference. 

Getting money means to be paid hourly, monthly, yearly or once every time your services are rendered. That’s cool, but, as soon as your services are no longer needed or the one paying you finds someone to provide the service for less, you are expendable and no longer getting money. 

Making money, is the ability to take the cash you already have, and put it towards an idea or project that will continue to make you significantly more money, even after you’re done working on it. I’m thinking investments like stocks, CD’s, ROTH IRA’s, money market accounts or even business ideas like smartphone apps and renovating property to rent. It’s not always sexy, but it’s effective. It’s like printing money, because the cash continues to flow. That’s why I call it making money. 

It’s easier said than done, but this pic represents the mindset you should have.


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