Sneakerhead Starter Kit


The Air Jordan’s I-XI. Photo Credit: Kavis Peak

Nowadays with the influx of retro sneakers released into the market seemingly every week, everyone who is lucky enough to purchase them considers themselves a sneaker head. As a 36 year old who’s been around appreciating, discussing, studying and buying sneakers for over two and a half decades, I laugh at those who think that having a third and fourth remix of several silouettes with wild colorways makes them a die hard sole coniseur.


The Iconic Air Jordan I that started it all. Photo Credit: Kavis Peak

There are a few prerequisites to being a sneaker head. That may make me sound like a sneaker snob, but I don’t care.

So at the risk of sounding like a bitter old man , I give you the sneaker head starter kit. Without these shoes, I could argue the culture wouldn’t have exploded and thrived the way it has.

These are also historical kicks and they will never fail your style regardless of clothing fads. These also apply to the ladies, so fellas if you’re trying to get your BAE, boo or whatever the hell you call her, into the culture, you can start her off with these. Again, I’m just trying to help.

You’ll notice I didn’t put the Air Jordan 11’s or Nike Air Foamposite’s on this list. The reason why, they’re overhyped shoes. Don’t get me wrong, they are classics, but we all know those kicks aren’t the easiest to get your hands on or at a reasonable price.


All white’s for the summer.


1.) Air Force Ones, may seem played out, but with the multiple color ways, textures and even styles that resemble boots, there’s something for everyone depending on their taste.

2.) Chuck Taylor Converse ox: any color of your choice, preferably a color you wear most.


Chuck’s can be dressed up or down. Either way, your outfit will still be fly.

3.) Air Jordan III’s are the most popular of the 31 silhouettes. Don’t be fooled by the hype over the Jordan XI’s, It’s just hype.
The III’s look good no matter what colorway you get them in, but the black and cement ones rank near the top. Hopefully now that Jordan Brand has taken them out of the vault and released the “true blue” pair with the Nike Air branding, we can get same for the black and cement ones.


My 1999 Air Jordan III’s before I started refurbishing them. Photo Credit: Kavis Peak

4.) AJ IV bred or white/cement. The coveted white and cement with the Nike Air on the back just made its return in February of 2016. The grey pops on the white body and that makes them look good with just about anything. I’m a die hard Ohio State Buckeye fan so these look good with my scarlet and gray or a pair of black or blue jeans.

The white/cement IV’s with the Nike Air branding made their highly anticipated return in 2016.

5.) Air Jordan V. This model has great design appeal with the 3M reflective tongue and the clear souls. The Black and silver releases every couple of years, so it shouldn’t be difficult to pick up a pair at some point. Unlike the rest of the kicks on this list it’s more difficult to dress it up if you wish, but depending on which color way you pickup, it can be the perfect cap to an outfit. These, the III’s and the IV’s were by far my favorite to hoop in.


Yellowing has taken its effect on my 1999 pair of Air Jordan V Black/Silver. Photo Credit: Kavis Peak

6.) Adidas shell toes low white/black. Run DMC made them popular in the 80’s and they’re still a great casual/lifestyle shoe today. Just like a crisp pair of Chuck’s, these can always go with your Friday night best or Saturday afternoon brunch.


If you don’t have these kicks in your closet, under your bed or in your shoe room, at some point in your sneaker buying career, add them; preferably soon. Your collection and style will greatly benefit from it.


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