OSU QBs Giving us a Lesson in Unselfishness 

Barrett and Jones are great friends who support each other. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Sports are often touted as being a great way to learn about teamwork, leadership, hard work and sacrifice among other key values. What happens between the lines many times is a microcosm of reality.

But lately, with the 24 hour news cycle, we’ve been inundated with the ugly side. Millionaires arguing with billionaires leading to contract holdouts—in the professional ranks—court cases of unfair labor practices—in the collegiate ranks—and criminal acts across the board ranging from domestic violence, sexual assaults, DUIs, drug and weapon possession and alleged in-game cheating tactics.

But at Ohio State, amidst the most unusual quarterback battle in recent college football history, we are seeing a great example of unselfishness.

First, two-time Big Ten Player of the Year Braxton Miller, as a quarterback, turns down opportunities to leave Columbus as a graduate transfer and immediately star as a quarterback at another high-profile program.

Then in July, Miller bowed out of the QB competition with his 2014 replacement J.T. Barrett and National Championship winning QB Cardale Jones, to become an H-Back/Receiver to help the team. We saw a fantastic preview (2 catches for 78 yards and a TD; 6 carries for 62 yards and a TD) of just how well that might turn out for the team and Miller at the next level.

Then when Urban Meyer sent Jones out with the first team offense Monday night in Blacksburg Virginia, it was Barrett, who accepted the backup role graciously by supporting Jones, greeting him on the sidelines to discuss what was going on out on the field when a drive ended, and mostly sharing smiles with high fives after touchdown drives that eventually blew the game wide open.

Barrett was by Jones’ side all night breaking down offensive possessions. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Monday night was Barrett’s turn to show he’s was a team player with his focus on what’s best for the team, not himself. All offseason, when asked by the media, Barrett and Jones each repeatedly said they were friends and would be happy for the other guy if they weren’t the one to win the starting job.

At the Wednesday press conference after the Buckeyes got revenge Monday for their only loss in 2014 to Virginia Tech, Coach Urban Meyer said “I’ve never seen a situation like that; where they’re both pulling for each other. It’s great to see” when speaking about his quarterbacks.

Remember, these are early 20 something year old kids. Who would blame them for outwardly showing their disappointment? Especially in Barrett’s case, who is the reigning Big Ten Player of the Year with several school and conference records on his resume, and only lost his job because of a fluke injury. He could claim that Jones and the Buckeyes wouldn’t have even had a chance at getting into the College Football Playoff and subsequently winning the 2014 National Title without his performance all season.

What we are seeing with the Buckeyes—and OSU fans hope to continue seeing—in the unselfishness of Miller and Barrett should serve as an example of what we all can do/be if we implement some of the same unselfishness in our society, communities and workplaces. We, like the unanimous number one ranked team in the nation, could be viewed as the very best and virtually unbeatable.


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