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Just Hold On Cleveland, Your Championship is Coming

Cleveland fans will have to wait at least one more year. Photo Courtesy: @espn

I know what you’re thinking Cleveland fans, “We’re cursed.” “The Drive”, “The Fumble”, “The Shot”, “The Move”, “The Error”, “The Sweep”, “The Decision” and now this. What are you going to call the 2015 Playoffs and Finals, “The Injuries”?

Without the injuries this team would’ve won it all, and easily. That’s not hard to see having watched this series. Even without both Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving this team was up 2-1. They should have been up 3-0 if LeBron hits the walk off jumper to avoid overtime in game one, and that would’ve prevented Irving from getting hurt in overtime.

This team will be back. I hear you, “we thought the same in 2007 when we got swept by the Spurs and it took us eight years to get back.” True, but this isn’t the same LeBron James or Cavs team. Heck, it even looks like a different organization from the way they acquired talent to surround James. LBJ is in his prime and will be there for at least another three or four years. The self-proclaimed “Best Player in the World” proved it averaging 35.8 points, 13.3 rebounds and 8.8 assist per game in the Finals.

Mark my words, we will see THIS LeBron from jump next season. Mix this style of play with the taste of bitter disappointment from being this close, and that’s a recipe for disaster for opponents.

Most importantly, he will have two All-Star’s rejoining him next season—that is if Kevin Love is true to his word about resigning with Cleveland.

Personally I didn’t think the Cavs needed Kevin Love to get to the Finals and this playoff run proved me right. The emergence of Tristan Thompson doesn’t happen if Love is playing and he brings an inside toughness that Love doesn’t provide. I was one of those who thought keeping Andrew Wiggins to be the third option after Kyrie Irving would set Cleveland up to win multiple titles and build a dynasty well into LBJ’s late thirties, but I’ll get off that soapbox. For now.

Anyway, this unit will also have the added experience of being in playoff battles that ended two wins from a Championship. You couldn’t say that before this past April.

Unless Commissioner Silver is going to reassign the Cavs to the Western Conference for some reason they’ll still be the run away best team from top to bottom in the Eastern Conference.

The drought is almost over. Keep being “Believeland”, this team just showed you why you won’t have to wait another fifty-one years for a pro sports title. You may only have to wait fifty-two weeks.