I Guess LeBron Does Love the Pressure

See what I did there?


LBJ now heads a younger, more talented Big three in Cleveland.

Now that the deal that’s been done for two months is OFFICIAL, we can finally discuss, criticize or ridicule, what this means for Cleveland and more importantly LeBron James.

When James announced his triumphant return to the Cleveland Cavs as a free agent on July 11th, one sticking point in his fantastic, impassioned essay was that his goal was to bring one championship to his title starved home area. He went on to say he knows it’s going to take time, because of the inexperience of the Cavs roster, it’s coaching staff and his experience from his first season on South Beach. But you can throw all those sentiments into Lake Erie now.

Fans, media and even LeBron haters were honestly happy with Him for returning home. There were those who were willing to let him off the “Jordan Quest” hook he’d been on since he entered the league in 2003. Many people said now all he has to do is win one Larry O’Brien trophy for this city that hasn’t had a winner since 1954. There would no longer be comparisons to Michael Jordan and his six rings, because as LeBron said, one ring in Cleveland is worth more than one anywhere else. There were those that were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, that has been thrown in the Cuyahoga river.

With the acquisition of Kevin Love and a stable of veterans with Championship experience—Mike Miller, Shawn Marion and eventually Ray Allen—and chemistry with LeBron the expectations have risen. Vegas has the with the best odds to win the 2015 NBA title and many “experts” are all ready to hand them at least the 2015 Eastern Conference crown. In Love, James has by far the most talent teammate he will have played with in their prime—with respect to Dwayne Wade. With Kyrie Irving, he’s the only player James will have played with that can more than adequately relieve him of all the ball handling and distributing responsibilities.

Now that the organization has exported the youth to import some experience, the message is clear, the Cavs aren’t willing to wait for that one title LeBron hopes to bring. They want it now! That’s going to create a pressure equally or greater than the kind felt when LBJ promised eight titles in Miami. Where there once was no expectations, now they’re great expectations. LeBron may have exchanged the humid tropical climate of South Floroda for the harsh bitter cold winters of Northeast Ohio, but he brought plenty of Heat with him. I did it again, I can’t help myself.


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