It’s All but Over Now for the Steelers


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There’s a saying out there that “coaches will lose a game a season by being out coached, and players will lose either by lack of effort or execution.” You can file Sundays game under both for the Steelers.

The players earned two major penalties—5 for 34 yards for the game—on their third to last drive up 28-24 that pushed them out of field goal range, which could have put them up a touchdown. There were also several drops by Steelers receivers all day that stalled effective offensive drives. Then on their second to last drive, down 3, poor play calling by Offensive Cooardinator Todd Haley–3 straight pass plays with 2:45 left in the 4th quarter with 2 timeouts to spare—and an ill advised timeout by Head Coach Mike Tomlin on 4th down, followed by a 9 yard Ben Roethlisberger scramble that led to a turnover on downs.

The Steelers continue to look like an undisciplined, inexperienced team. Which makes matters worse when you look at the average age and years played on the roster and realize that should never be the issue.

Funny thing is at 6-8 they’re technically not out of the playoff hunt, thanks to the schedule makers who made the road tougher for the three teams ahead of them. The Tennessee Titans, Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens own the tie breaker over the Steelers, but I could easily see each of them losing two of their next three which would open the door wider for Pittsburgh.

It’s going to be close, but honestly, I don’t even want to see this team play in the playoffs. It could be a historic thrashing, they could end up facing the 10-3 Kansas City Chiefs or a rematch with the New England Patriots. Remember that game ended with the Steelers giving up a record in total points (55) and yards (610). Let’s get the season over with an build for 2014.


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