Ugly, Yet Gutsy Steelers

The Steelers offense invited the Detroit Lions into a shootout and then the Defense looked as ugly as the 1934 throwback jerseys they were wearing.


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For the second week in a row, the Steelers Offense came out trying to dictate the tone of the game with the hurry up offense QB Ben Roethlisberger loves so much. The drive ended with the Steelers scoring their first points on their opening drive all season with a 34 yard touchdown pass from Roethlisberger to the NFL’s leading receiver in catches, Antonio Brown. The second drive brought similar results and ended with a 47 yard TD from Roethlisberger to Brown.

It’s clear the hurry up offense caught the Lions off guard, and should be something the Steelers should explore using more in their final 6 games. The franchise QB loves it—it worked to the tune of 7-8 passing , 121 yards and 2 TDs in their first two possessions—why not use it. Along with winning games, it could end all those trade talks too.

Roethlisberger may be begging for more help on offense, but it’s the lack of it from the defense that will keep him from winning another Super Bowl with the Steelers.

Matthew Stafford and Calvin—Not Johnson or P Diddy—racked up 327 passing and 179 receiving yards in the first half alone to bring the Lions back from a 14-3 first quarter deficit to lead 27-20 at the half. The biggest disappointment is cornerback Ike Taylor who dropped two Ints in his stomach—while giving up the bulk of the passing yards—that would’ve save the Steelers 10 points.

I’ll give the D credit for making the right halftime adjustments and holding “Megatron” without a catch in the second half and Matt Stafford to 3-16 passing and that offense to zero points.

Going further, the defenses’ problem is not bad or lack of coaching, but rather old players with a lack of talent. Defensive Coordinator Dick LeBeau needs more young talented guns. General Manager Kevin Colbert should forget about saving veterans players to lead with experience, they have Head Coach Mike Tomlin and Coach LeBeau for that. It’s time for a youth movement in the Burgh.

Ike Taylor was the biggest goat of the game until the Lions failed on a fake field goal run that cost them a 30-23 lead in the fourth. If the Steelers luck into the AFC playoffs, this will be the game that got them in. Gutsy performance from a team that’s been down most of the season.

Sidenote:The Detroit Lions haven’t won in Pittsburgh since 1955 (0-8) thanks to the curse of Bobby “Night train” Lane (Google it kids). Just for perspective, Steelers Defensive Coordinator and former Lion great Dick LeBeau was a freshman at Ohio State! Now they’re 0-9.


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