STEEL Fighting


The Steelers offense set a physical tone with the running game on the first drive. Photo Courtesy:

We shouldn’t expect anything less from a Mike Tomlin coached team.

It was evident from the first drive the steelers wanted to establish a physical tone. The offense ran three straight run plays with Le’Veon Bell, one from the wildcat formation—before Ben Roethlisberger’s Interception and return set up the Buffalo Bills first three points.

A week after being embarrassed by the New England Patriots aerial assault, the black & gold wanted to get back to their roots of smash mouth football.

They won the time of possession battle 35:16 to 22:44 and rushed for 136 total yards. 56 more than their season average.

The defense rose up to hold rookie QB E.J. Manuel and the Buffalo Bills offense in check. The Steeler D only gave up 227 total yards, 75 which came in desperation in the final seconds of the game that yielded their only touchdown. They also held the Bills to 95 rushing yards, their season average is 140.7.

I say it every week, mathematically they are still alive for the postseason, especially with the Baltimore Ravens knocking off the Cincinnati Bengals. Pittsburgh plays both teams again, holding the tie breaker against the Ravens and two games against 2nd place Cleveland. Anything is possible, but more importantly it’s just nice to see them put up a fight.


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