Time for Texans to Get Young


Texans are 2-4 with more questions then answers.

I’m not talking about the team’s collective age or taking a shot at free agent safety Ed Reed’s birth certificate—he’s 35—I’m talking about hometown hero and former AFC South divisional foe Vince Young.


Young spent time with the Green Bay Packers this past preseason and it looked like he was going to make the roster when they cut Aaron Rodgers’ back up Graham Harrell, but it didn’t happen. Now he is sitting at home, campaigning for jobs and so are Houston’s most notable fans.




Young was 30-17 (.638), with 2 Pro Bowl selections in his 5 Years as the starter with the Tennessee Titans, while playing for a Head Coach in Jeff Fisher who didn’t want him—he wanted Matt Lienhart.

By the end of his time there, Young became known more for his meltdown in Nashville—he threw his equipment in the stands following a game and then sitting in an empty parking lot in what was called a potential suicide attempt—than his play that helped revive the Titans franchise post the Steve McNair/Eddie George era.

Then of course he brought the ultimate kiss of death on the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles by dubbing them the “Dream Team” when they signed several big name free agents.

After bouncing around to Buffalo and Green Bay he sits in his Houston home waiting on another opportunity and I don’t see why the Texans shouldn’t give it to him. On a team that has all the ingredients of a Super Bowl contender, Matt Schaub has proven he isn’t the QB to get it done. His back up T.J. Yates who actually played well in Schaub’s absence as a rookie, proved Sunday why he isn’t the answer (Yates extended the Texans streak of consecutive games with an interception returned for a TD, Schaub threw 4 of the 5.)

So why not give VY a shot. What do you have to lose if you’re a Texan? His stats with Green Bay were not abysmal, honestly in a back up you want someone who plays similar to the starter, VY and “Discount Double Check” have different styles, so that was never going to be a fit. Young’s scrambling ability is an element that can threaten an opposing defense and help an offensive line that has given up 14 sacks so far in 2013. Young’s athleticism will also add to a running game that ranks 7th in league at 136 yards a game.

Gary Kubiak and the Texans missed out on Josh Freeman when Tampa Bay released him, they better not miss out on Young, or Kubiak and the rest of the Texans coaching staff will be next to Vince looking for work.

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