Potential is defined as having possibility, capability or power. Potential is an ugly word to many people now days, because in subtext it means there’s plenty of work ahead. In this credit card/PayPal society we live in, so many believe they should get what they want now and earn it along the way. You could say that mentality is the problem with our World as it stands/spins.

One of my high school football coaches used to say to the good players on the team, “you have a lot of potential” after we’d make good plays on the field. I remember him saying it to me on several occasions and then I’d beam with pride and gush at the same time. Then, just as he saw our reactions he would shout “that means you haven’t done anything yet!” The smiles would fade like a sunset on a fall afternoon. It’s been fifteen years since I’ve spoken to that coach, but if he were standing in front of me right now I’d tell him he was 100 percent right.

I now look at potential as a trust fund. Often times parents set them up for their children in hopes that one day they’ll earn what they set aside for them. In order to earn the trust fund, the child has to meet several requirements in order to cash in. Some requirements are to reach a certain age, earn a college degree or avoid certain legal troubles, things like that. Potential is similar. You must meet several requirements in order to reach the level your potential is set for. Many of you have the potential to be Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, News Personalities, Professional Athletes and so on. In order to become those titles, you must fulfill requirements in school with the appropriate education or training. You can’t become a doctor, lawyer or news personality without several years of schooling and then gaining valuable on the job experience in the form of internships and entry level positions.

The reason why I speak on this is because I know several people with potential to do great things, but don’t work at it and expect everything to be handed to them.

We all have potential to do something great and should relish when we are told we have it. Whenever anyone told me I had potential, whether it was when I played sports or in my writing, it only made me work that much harder to fulfill my God given potential.

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