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“The Heat is On!!!!” I Had to Say It, LOL!

Apocalypse watch is on in Miami. If (I’m saying IF) the Heat don’t recover from their 3-2 deficit in these NBA Finals, you can bet this team will be blown up. I don’t mean just moving Chris Bosh or Mario Chalmers. Because of the signings and salary moves made under the old collective bargaining agreement, several players will be moved to manage the cap under the new CBA.

First Chris Bosh. It’s clear he’s been the odd man out amongst the Big three. Some even suggest he wasn’t the desired big to round out the three to begin with. Pat Riley will be looking to move him to acquire asserts to aid rebuilding efforts. Bosh has two years left on his original deal with an option to opt out after the 2014 season just like LeBron, so there is bound to be some team that will take on his deal in hopes he’ll exercise his option and clear cap space for them.

Second Mario Chalmers. Mario is a big shot taker and has in some cases made them. (See game four of the 2012 NBA Finals and the 2008 NCAA National Championship game; He was award Most outstanding player of the tournament). But in an honest moment I bet the Heat Coaching Staff and players would agree that Norris Cole is a better fit and has out played Chalmers. He also is still on his rookie contract, which makes him cheaper. Do you sense a theme?

Third the role players. Chris “bird man” Andersen, Mike Miller and Shane Battier. How can Heat management justify bringing these guys back a year older and with what money? Birdman came cheap because he was at home for 75% of the season on his couch. Trust and believe there will be several teams out there willing to over pay for his services after watching him re-energize the Heat during these playoffs (except the Finals). Mike Miller has been exposed in these Finals. He should’ve retired after his exceptional performance in the clincher of the 2012 NBA Finals. The only person who could’ve gone out better was another Mike, Jordan. But he messed it up too by playing for the Washington Wizards for two years (Thanks MJ for ruining my final image of you). Shane Battier, ehh. His value has been diminished in these playoffs too. His shot is off, flopping is now more costly than a flagrant foul, so he can’t even do that anymore. So why would they keep him around either? These role players who helped bring a championship to Miami last year, except for Andersen, are the reason they might not when this year. Danny Green (my pick for Finals MVP), Kawai Leonard and Gary Neal are out playing them.

Finally, LeBron James. If he thought the talent in South Beach was starting to remind him of his Cleveland days a couple weeks ago, wait until he sees the talent after Executive Riley has to make “money moves.” Seeing how the team will be blown up to “reload” (under the new CBA there is no “reloading” that was the purpose of the lockout) and D-Wade’s continual decline, you can be LBJ will opt out in 2014 in hopes of taking his “talents” elsewhere.

It’s all about money, and even though the big three and several others took less to join forces, not enough is going to be why they’ll be broken up.

Miami fans prepare. The end is near, unless LBJ has a performance like he did in game two in game six and seven. Otherwise, you’ll have to find another bandwagon to jump on, because that Heat one is about to crash and burn with not eight, not seven, not six, not five, not four, not three, not two, but only one championship.

Clippers, Don’t Be, uh uh uh….. The Clippers, Of Old.

Bringing Doc Rivers in to coach the Los Angeles Clippers makes sense, brining Garnett and Pierce doesn’t. It pushes you closer to rebuilding, the norm in Clipper Nation.

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Update: Doc Rivers was traded from the Boston Celtics to the Los Angeles Clippers for a unprotected 1st Round pick.

Update as of 3:39 pm, 6/18/13: The Los Angeles Clippers and Boston Celtics have ended negotiations on a trade proposal that would send Coach Doc Rivers, Center Kevin Garnett to L.A. for Deandre Jordan and two first round picks. Talks around the league are that if the deal were to happen, Boston would buy out Paul Pierce and the L.A. native would sign with the Clippers as a free agent to join Rivers and Garnett.


Doc Rivers is an elite coach, PERIOD. Every N.B.A. team with an opening should ask the Boston Celtics for permission to speak with him. Look at his track record. He went 41 and 41 with an Orlando Magic team that was tanking to clear cap space to cash in on three marquee free agents in the summer of 2000 (They signed Tracy McGrady and Grant Hill, and tempted Tim Duncan to leave San Antonio. See kids LeBron, D-Wade and Bosh weren’t the first to try this.). Then Doc brought the Celtics back from the dead in 07-08 with Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen still in their prime, albeit at the end of it. Doc is and should be your guy if you’re looking to fill your coaching vacancy, him and Chris Paul with the current roster is enough to get the Clippers over the hump. But bringing KG and Paul Pierce along with him is like a guy going after his high school crush at their twenty year reunion after she’s already had three children, closed up shop (you know what I mean), and been divorced by the guy she passed you over for.

Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce can’t and won’t bring the Clippers closer to an N.B.A. title. If anything they push you closer to what you used to be, constant rebuilding. Both Garnett and Pierce are well past their prime and two years from being retired. While KG was effective playing out of position at center, he still hasn’t played a full season since 2004-05 and he hasn’t played in at least 70 games since 2010-11. In those games he’s only playing 29.7 minutes a game, his lowest since his rookie season in 1995-96 (28.7). As a center he shoots 49.6 percent because he’s shooting jump shots. But do you really want to give up DeAndre Jordan for this? You don’t know what Jordan can become because he hasn’t hit his prime while still developing. We know what Garnett is, a sure fire Hall Of Famer, and we know he won’t be that again.

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Paul Pierce looks like he’d be better off playing in the Sunday league at the local YMCA. At 35 years old he played 33 plus minutes last season and scored 18.6 points per game, his career average is 21.8. He’s a scoring specialist, who now struggles to score! It’s not like he’s Ray Allen who can just drift on the perimeter and shoot threes, because we all know the last thing that leaves a player is his jump shot. Pierce never had that, he’s clutch with the ball in his hands, but he’s not a shooter. There’s a difference between a scorer and a shooter.

So if you’re the Clippers why mortgage your future on a two-year window? The West is much tougher than the East. Did you see what happened to the Celtics this past playoffs with Garnett and Pierce as the head honchos? I know, I know, there was no Rondo; but if you paid close attention to their series with the Knicks it wasn’t point guard play that lead to their demise. Clipper Nation, do you really want this period of basketball relevance to end in the next two years? That’s where you’re headed if the decision makers bring in KG and “Truth”. Doc needs and should leave Boston, but leave the Celtics behind. Clipper Nation needs to allow him to groom the talent in place with CP3, he’s proven to be a success at that. KG and Paul Pierce need to start applying for their AARP cards.