Don’t Just Hold on, Keep Pushing!

“Faith without works is dead”. James 2:17

When you’re going through struggles, family, friends and pastors will tell you to “hold on!”. That kind of annoys me. It’s real easy for people who aren’t going through your trial to say hold on when they don’t necessarily know how bad it is. On another thought, think about the phrase hold on. I can connect it to negative things. When someone is hanging from a cliff ready to drop to their death, what do we hear? Somebody saying “hold on”. When we call customer service on the phone and need their assistance, when they are too busy for us they say “hold on”, see where I’m going with this. That is why I would rather tell you to “keep pushing.” Don’t just hang on the cliff and not help yourself up. Don’t just ask for help, demand help.

When you are out here in the world waiting for God’s blessing, don’t just sit on your behind expecting magic to walk in and swoop you up off the couch and carry you to a blessing. You have to be out there pushing through the storm to get your blessing. Faith without works is dead! God already has your blessing laid out. That is a promise of his to us. We have to do our part. By going out and pushing through our difficulties, that is how we get to where our blessing is.

For example, I’ve been unemployed for over a year. I started off trying to finish a few passion projects, now that I have wrapped them up I’m looking for work again. The key for me is to explore every avenue to get a job. First I applied online like most companies require you to do. I hate that by the way. It is so impersonal. I like putting my resume and cover letter in someone’s hand with the written application to ensure that it gets reviewed. But we’re in a new age now so I have to roll with the punches. I’ve done the online applications for several months, no luck. I thought maybe my cover letter and resume needed some crafting, so I had three different people review it and made changes based on their suggestions. That was another way of me to keep pushing, not just holding on and waiting. After the new cover letter and resume didn’t work after a couple of weeks, I decided to get bold. I started calling the places where I applied to voice my interest in their open positions. I don’t know yet where that will get me since I just started, but that’s another way of me pushing.

See the way I look at it is, I have to show God just how bad I truly want and believe in his blessing. It’s a great thing to have a lot of faith. I can admit that is one thing in my life that needs extreme work, but one thing anyone that knows me will tell you is that I have a strong work ethic. I will bust my hump all day everyday to get a job done. Maybe sometimes I over compensate for my lack of faith. Don’t get it twisted, I do have faith. But I can admit it is the size of mustard seed. The Bible says that is alright though. I can still move mountains with it, you can too. But just don’t forget to do your work along with it. Don’t just hold on for dear life, keep pushing and try to do all you can to get up the hill. You’ve heard the saying, “I can’t help someone that doesn’t want to help themselves.” I believe that with our lives as well. How can God help us if we don’t want to do our part to change our circumstances. Think about. Keep pushing!

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