Monthly Archives: May 2012

The TRUTH doesn’t Hurt, Lies do!

I hate the saying truth hurts.¬†The truth doesn’t hurt me, the lies and the cover ups do.

I would rather hear the truth so I can asses how I can fix whatever it is I’m being told about. ¬†Whether it be correcting errors in my writing, doing better on the job or being a better mate in a relationship. If I know the truth I can make change.

The lie, the thought process of what went into it, the lies on top of lies, the utter disrespect and time wasted believing the lie are what hurt me. With lies I have a tendency to think how foolish I must’ve looked to believe they were truths. It’s embarrassing to go on living a lie, whether it was yours or not and then having to deal with the consequences of that lie falling apart. The lie doesn’t just cripple the person that is caught, but all of those that have been caught up in the web of deception.

Think about a loveless marriage that goes on ignoring problems, an employee that keeps doing a poor job because the boss keeps giving them kudos afraid to criticize them or even simpler a child that believes for years in Santa Claus or the Easter bunny only to find out mommy and daddy have been playing the role. Think about their reaction to the truth and how devestated they were with the truth. Now think about how troubled you were unraveling your web of deceit. Got the image? See what I mean?

Yes the truth can sting, but that lie and the efforts to keep it going or hide the truth hurts worse. Think about it.