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“My Sole Love” Trailer

Here is the first trailer for my first film “My Sole Love”. This documentary is about shoe collectors and their passion over what WE call art. Many people don’t understand how or why someone would spend $150+ on a pair of leather. This film will answer that question and several others people outside the sneaker world should know. Sneaker heads are no different from car, comic book, dollhouse or art enthusiast. It’s all about love. SOLE LOVE.

“Lost Christian”

Lost Christian,
Looking for his (your) attention. 
Seeking direction,
Looking for answers to questions I should have learned last lesson.
I apologize, I’m still sinning.
Hopefully I’ll start new, fresh like the beginning.
I’ve done wrong,
And I know you’ve probably heard this song.
But I’m trying to step new,
In directions led by you.
Please forgive me Lord,
So I can reach your heavenly door.
So I can kneel at the throne,
And make my place in your home.

I Love My City! But………


I was born in Columbus, Ohio August 13, 1980. I lived here 26 years. This is my home. Know matter where I am I let people know it. Whether I am wearing scarlet and gray, a Homage Columbus Clippers tee, a Columbus Bluejacket hat or just shouting Dub C for Walnut Creek the neighborhood I grew up in, I am the 614. I always will be, but it’s not for everyone.

I’ve always said Central Ohio was a great place to live as a kid. It still is a great place to raise a family almost 30 years later. This area is great for those who are married and have a family and looking to grow. Not just in the suburbs either.

Downtown is booming with more family friendly events with the Nationwide Arena and the Clippers’ Huntington Park. But it is not a great place for singles, unless you’re a college student.

Singles in the age range of 25 to 35 will have it rough. I know, I’ve lived it twice now. First from 2003 after graduating college until I moved to Orlando in 2007. And now in 2012 after I moved back to be there for my family in difficult ties. The quality of single life is bare minimum. Unless you like carrying on like you’re still in undergrad into your late 20’s or early 30’s. I can only give you a man’s point of view, but the quality of women is low too. It seems the good ones graduate from college or trade school and bolt the city first chance they get. The only women left are the ones that are too young and still in school or the ones who have and breed more drama than Soap Net, Lifetime and the Hallmark channels combined. Who has time for that?!

The job opportunities aren’t the same for singles as for people in marriages or have kids either. My experience is, singles are looked down on as irresponsible, non-committal and unstable. Where as those with a family or just kids are seen as the opposite because they have that stable home life. Therefore they get those promotions because the guys and gals at the top feel they’ll be a better long term fit, where as us singles with our flexible life styles will always be viewed in their eyes as “one opportunity from leaving them high and dry.” This couldn’t be farther from the truth. If the opportunity is right we’ll stick around. But they are foolish to think a wife or husband won’t jump ship and uproot their entire family for a better opportunity too.

Singles and couples don’t mix well here either. It’s like Bloods and Crips, Democrats and Republicans or even sometimes as nasty as Palestinians and Israelites. They don’t want to be around us singles because we remind them of what they used to be. That carefree life or hanging out with your buds or your girlfriends without having to book time weeks in advance. And we don’t want to be around them because they remind us of the difficulties we’re going through to find what they have. Not to mention everyone knows everybody around here, so your business isn’t just your business. And if you’re a private person like me, that sucks worse than being kicked in the balls!

I have felt this way loooooong before I moved to Orlando. I knew this stuff when I was in high school. My older cousins put me on game then. But now that I have seen what is out there, and not just visiting a city every now and then. Having lived in another city and been invested in its community, my frustrations towards Buckeye City has grown stronger. I’ve seen the variety of other cities the same size as Columbus. I’ve seen a more sophisticated and classier level of community and I’ve seen a more overall better balance of single and family life blended together.

I know I just dumped on my hometown. Trust me, it pains me. But I’m real, and I’m not the only one that feels this way. There are statistics that show singles roll out as soon as they can because they aren’t happy here. You’ve never seen Columbus on the list of top places for singles to live. But I have seen other “college towns” like Austin, Texas make the list.

But I love Columbus, it has made me who I am. I will always represent the 614. I just know to be what I want to become, I can’t do it here.

Yeah, It’s Me!

This is Kavis Peak. Friends and family asks me all the time what I’ve been up lately, so I decided to set up one of these blogs and show them. On this site is where I’ll share progress on my writings (sports commentary, poetry, essays, quotes & screenplays), as well as clips from the documentary I’m filming and any other random thoughts that go off inside my mind. So thanks for your support and talk to you soon.